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Asian Issues
Journal for Regional Asian Studies
ISSN 2217-8813
UDC 32(5)
Азијске свеске


About the Journal

Aim & Scope


Journal “Asian Issues“ is the product of common aspiration and eagerness of researchers gathered in the Institute, whose aim is to get Asia – that is more and more important and strong globally – closer to our academic and general public.


Editorial board’s program orientation is based on studying of Asia that could lead to better understanding of the plenty of its models of political and economic organization, different cultures, ethnic, religious and other identities of its peoples, as well of numerous mechanisms that connect Asian states and societies through different frameworks of cooperation – in trade, environmental protection, culture, political and others, including security.


Economic rise of some of the biggest Asian states, their ever more intense mutual cooperation by strength of their separate and combined size, but also by their cultural and political influence - change regional, and global institutions, processes, relations and manners, and by doing that they influence our lives.


Our view on Asia is view “within” as we try to study, understand, accept and present Asia to the interested parties by measuring its achievements, reality and potentials by Asian merits, with having starting point in Asian culture, tradition, interests and need of the region’s communities, as we believe that is the proper way to understand this, by many parameters, the most dynamic world region.


Code of Ethics


Academic journal Asian Issues adheres to the highest ethical standards and the rules of good academic practice. The Editorial Board is obliged to supervise and take care of the quality of published papers and other contributions and to maintain academic integrity. The duties of the Editorial Board encompass prevention of any forms of academic misconduct, plagiarism, conflicts of interest, manipulation or misapplication of research data, sources, or subjects.


The Editorial Board takes care of the review process regularity, with special regard to the reviewers’ obligation to perform their duty fairly, professionally and in good faith. Equivalently, the authors’ responsibility is to adhere to the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards, including but not limited to copyright. Should there be any doubt about the academic integrity, the Editorial Board will promptly react.




Academic journal Asian Issues is an open-access journal, which means that its digital content is accessible to users without any material compensation and with minimal copyright restrictions.


The journal’s content is free to use under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), which allows for copying, redistribution and building upon of material, but with the obligation of giving appropriate credit, i.e. properly referencing and citing.

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