Институт за азијске студије


Scientific and research projects

Until now, IAS, together with its partner institutions, has participated in several scientific research projects, which form an important part of the activities of the Institute and its members, especially domestic and international cooperation with partner institutions, local communities, government bodies, embassies and other participants in this cooperation .

International Economic Forum on Reform, Transition and Growth 2014 – today

International scientific conference “Sixteen plus One framework as part of Belt and Road Initiative and Chinese Dream – achievements, challenges and perspectives” prospects”


​Institute for Asian Studies and Center for Asian and Far Eastern Studies of the Faculty of Political Sciences (FPN) of the University of Belgrade

​24 -25. April 2017

Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade

“The Meaning of Borders in the Age of Globalization: Europe and Asia” (Grant from the Japanese Foundation – Intellectual Exchange Conference 2011-2012)