Институт за азијске студије

International Scientific Conference “Peaceful Rise of China and Global Governance – Achievements, Processes and Challenges“, organised by the Institute for Asian Studies and the Center for Asian and Far Eastern Studies (FPS), University of Belgrade, was held from 1st to 2nd April 2019 at the Faculty of Political Sciences. The conference was opened by Professor Dragana Mitrovic, director of the Institute for Asian Studies, initiator and chief organiser.

The conference was held in three panels for two days – 1. Commission: 40 Years of “Reform and Opening Up” – How Chinese “Socialist Modernization” Changed China and the World; 2. Panel: “Belt and Road Initiative” and “16 + 1” after six years; 3. Panel: Peaceful Rising China – biding its time while aspiring to global leadership?

Professors, researchers and scientists of political, economic and related social sciences from countries of Southeast Europe, members of the so-called “group 16”, as well as NR China, India, Great Britain, and Austria, participated in the event.

The conference aimed at gathering researchers who, for decades, have been studying the phenomenon of economic and political growth of the People’s Republic of China, which, in the world of globalised interdependence, has become one of the most important actors of the international scene – from production and trade to investment and security.