Институт за азијске студије

The Institute for Asian Studies, in cooperation with the Institute for Political Studies from Belgrade, organised an international scientific conference entitled The 4th International Economic Forum on Reform, Transition and Growth at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade on June 19, 2018.

The Conference is the result of four years of cooperation initiated by the prof Dragana Mitrovic, IAS Director, between Lomonosov State University of Moscow (Faculty of Political Sciences), Corvinus University of Budapest (Faculty of Economics), Jinan University of Guangzhou, NR China (College of Economics), Institute for Political Studies and Institute for Asian Studies.

The conference discussed the experiences, problems and achieved results of economic reforms, transition and economic growth in these countries.

Representatives of the mentioned universities and institutes were Professor Balazs Hamori, prof. Dr. Adam Zoltan (Corvinus University), prof. Dr. Judenkov Yuri Nikolaevich (Moscow State University of Lomonosov), prof. Dr. Yongliang Zhao; Prof. Dr. Xianbin Wang, prof. Dr. Xiangdong Liu, prof. Dr. Peng Wang (Jinan University).

The hosts, participants from the Institute for Asian Studies and the Institute for Political Studies were Professor Dragana Mitrović, PhD, initiator of this cooperation; Dragan Trailović, Research Associate; Petar Matić, Research Fellow; and Djordje Stojanović, Senior Research Fellow.